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Danny Duvall


You value personal growth

Pastor Danny teaches each week with your personal growth in mind. After receiving his degree in Biblical Studies and languages Pastor Danny traveled the nation for sixteen years as an evangelist. You will grow because Pastor uses God's Word to speak to the issues of your life in a creative way.

You love Christmas

Gayla DuVall knows how to make Christmas come alive for your family. Your Christmas calendar will certainly need to include A Cabot Christmas presented by the talented people of the The Assembly.

You enjoy sports

Since Pastor Danny played as a high school and college QB he cannot help but weave sports into the way he communicates. Pastor Danny was an All-State Quarterback and was selected by the Fort Smith Times Record as the most outstanding QB in their coverage area his senior year while attending Paris High School. Pastor Danny's church in Birmingham was filled with former Crimson Tide stars.

You cherish family

Pastor and Gayla DuVall have raised two daughters: Daylea and Hadley, both of which have won multiple awards in the largest public schools in Birmingham Al for their character. Although Pastor Danny and Gayla realize they still have a long way to go in raising their daughters, they also know they have discovered some vital ways to nurture their children in dynamic faith. We all need help in regard to family.

You appreciate integrity and desire faith

Pastor Danny has served the Lord since he was fifteen years old. He has left a trail of positive influence in his high school, college and professional life. After traveling for eleven years as a national evangelist Pastor Danny and Gayla stepped out in faith and planted a great Church in Birmingham Al. Their tenure and faith will certainly enrich your life.