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Youth Camp Information

Youth Camp Registration is just around the corner. We want to go ahead and put out registration for a couple of reasons:

1. It gets it on your calendar hopefully BEFORE you’ve made family vacation plans this summer.
2. This allows you to make monthly payments to lessen the burden of massive one-time expenses. (if you make $30 monthly payments starting in December and one $35 payment in May you’ll be able to pay for camp before June hits. - you could use June’s $30 to give to your student for the camp store/concessions)

The cost of camp is $185. $60 non-refundable deposits WITH FILLED OUT REGISTRATION FORMS are due by March 5. - Any registrations after won’t be guaranteed a spot.

Blister Packs cost $1.50. ALL medications, including over the counter meds MUST have a blister pack with them.

We are planning to go from June 19-23. Eric Hoffman will be the speaker.

For any questions about camp, reach out to Pastor Addison - 501.593.5506.

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